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The Royal Road to Card Magic

Would you like to be the master controller of your party? Would you like to confuse your friends and amuse the crowd at a party? It is not easy to master the card magic world, especially if you are a novice. The Royal Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Fredrick Braue is a book to watch out.

It takes you through every step a beginner card can learn. It is simple, clear, and worth giving a try. Royal Road to card magic pdf consists of vital advice and crucial information. It is good for those who want to master a few tricks in magic cards.

This Book lets you develop a flexible collection of first-rate card tricks. Playing magic cards has always been difficult for many people, especially the novice. Download this pdf free and understand all the tricks that will make you a winner.

Did you know that just a mastery of the first chapter can equip you with all the skills you need? These skills will help you perform half a dozen amazing tricks of sleights of hand.

The writers explained the authorities on magic, the glide, present complete, how to understand shuffles, the glimpse, the pass, false shuffle and cuts, and the classic force and among other techniques.  The authors offer a simple guide in this Book that works well for beginners.

Did you know that after reading this book, card handlers would now perform more than 100 tricks of card magic? They can Grey’s spelling Tricks, Thought stealer, Do as I Do, Kangaroo card, Obliging Aces, Now you See it, a Tipsy Trick, Rapid Transit, and others.

This Book is available in pdf, among other formats. It is effortlessly open through your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. You can bring it along your trip; you can also read it during your free time. Apart from arming you with amazing tricks of sleight hand, you will also enjoy the Book.

English is simple and allows you to understand your game well. This Book is common in good Casinos because it helps the novice learn their tricks before they start a real game.

The Royal Road to Card Magic comes with more than 120 clear line drawings that simplify the explanations. Readers will get a grasp of magic and understand the content.  The book starts with an eye-catching outline to card magic. There is no doubt that the novice will now be able to develop expert skills as well as the ability to perform new tricks.

You will entertain your guests and friends in your rally after reading this Book. With more than 100 tricks to display, your guests will definitely enjoy their stay. Through this Book, performing magic is possible.

Apart from the basic sleights, this Book fully prepares you for complete entertainment. It is a rich source of tricks in magic cards. Even though the Title says that you need better tricks, this book is brilliant.  Alongside the modern tricks, you will be able to put a house in a bottle.

This is a detailed review, especially for those who have an interest in card magic. Do you feel like performing magic but still unable to navigate the confusing collection of cards? This is the best Book for you. The better part of it is the fact that it is available in pdf, and you can bring it along in your smartphone or laptop.

Do not mind whether you are an expert or novice. You can still download this pdf and continue enjoying your magic performance.

About the authors

Jean was a great magician during his time. He performed magic across the world in different venues such as United States, Australia, and New Zealand. After retiring, he settles in New York and starts writing his books in magic cards. He becomes handicap shortly after writing a few books but still practices book writing. He dies on August 14, 1959.

Fredrick Braue is an American journalist and a semi-professional magician. He was a close friend of Hugard. They worked together to write multiple books. He dies on July 13, 1962. The authors enjoyed card magic, that is why their books became a success. Until to date, these books are the best for any beginner who wants to prosper in card magic.


The Royal Road to Card Magic pdf is worth your time and is easily downloadable, understandable, and informative. The language is smooth and straightforward. Any novice magic card player can understand it and make good use of all the information. Entertain your friends and relatives at the gathering through reading and grasping new tricks from this Book.


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