It by Stephen King

It is one of the scariest books that you will ever read. The story is about an evil clown that is out to kill, and its main target is children. The books start at a high note with a toddler named Georgy heading out of their house during rain to play with his paper boat. On the small stream, his paper boat flows into the drainage where he comes face to face with his death. Determined to retrieve his boat, Georgy finds a clown in the drainage system which tries to lure him with a balloon, which he refused. However, he couldn’t deny the need to get his boat back, and the clown uses this against him. Suddenly, the clown, Pennywise the dancing clown, rips off his arm and leaves the boy to bleed to death on the streets.


After Georgy gets murdered, a series of missing children cases started to erupt in Derry. A group of friends calling themselves “the losers” are the first to notice the unusual trend, and Bill, who is Georgy’s elder brother, is part of this group. By following clues and their investigations, The Losers encounter Pennywise and only get to survive by a whisker.

The Losers, which consists of six boys and one girl, all get to encounter. It is different forms and in other parts of the town. To ben, for example, It appears in the form of a mummy that is frozen to Ben, and in Beverly’s house, It is only visible to children in the form of a scary fountain of blood. To Stan, who is the funny one in the group, It appears in the form of drowned corpses, and as for Bill, who is Georges’ brother, it appeared in the form of a phantom.

Little did The Losers know that they were being haunted by the same monster, and it was until Eddie Cocrain gets murdered then it became clear. The Losers saw it their responsibility to save they beloved Derry from this monster and get to discover mind-blowing facts about the kind of evil that they were dealing with.

After managing to drive away Pennywise, he reappears 27 years later when The Losers are adults. However, the group of friends is forced to travel back to their home town to deal with It once and for, all since they had made an oath to do so if It ever comes back again.

Pennywise, the dancing clown

This might be the most horrific villain that any child could encounter. With the special ability to shapeshift and control reality by creating fake illusions, Pennywise preys on small children and can make himself unnoticed by adults. After every 27 years, Pennywise comes out to terrorize children living in Derry, Maine.

On his first encounter by The Losers, Pennywise is driven out of Derry, Maine, and when he comes 27 years later, he gets to fight the same children who drove him away only that now, they are adults. The book includes a back and forth shifts in time solidifying the story, leaving no loose ends in the story flow.


Some of the topics that came our clear in this book include;

  1. Abuse

Pennywise is a ruthless evil clown that does imaginable things to children. Still, on ruthlessness, Henry, a villain in the story, can also be described as a monster. Both characters clearly violate the rights and freedom of others by imposing fear and killing them. There is also abuse of power also seen with Henry after killing some of his team members and quickly recruits new ones to help him hunt down The Losers.

  1. Friendship

Even after 27 years, The Losers manage to come together and save all the children in their city. Earlier on as kids, this group of friends is seen hanging out together all the time and cracking jokes. Stan, who was the only Jew in the group, is at the receiving end of most of these jokes, and he clearly seems to enjoy the jokes himself and is even seen to laugh at them with his mates. They even go-ahead to take an oath that they will always come back to deal with It.

If you cannot handle nightmares, you should stay away from It by Stephen King. The book is not only scary but includes some interdimensional scenes that will take you to an adventure that will blow your mind. If you are too lazy for this book since it may be the biggest book you ever, you can watch the movie. Since we are here because of the book, it is safe to mention that the movie and book are not precisely the same, and you may want to try reading the book first before you watch.

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